Willco Electronics
"The Radio Reclamation Center"

Icom Repair Service, Kenwood or Yaesu Repair Service.

Serving Ham radio operators in the Chicago area for more than 20 years, I decided to expand my
operation nationwide.
With 20 years experience and a former Rockwell/Collins technician,  I repair
Collins, Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood, Ten-Tec and I restore Tube or Vintage Solid State Ham equipment. 

                                                            MY WORKSHOP

My Equipment;

Agilent MSOX3024, 200MHz 4Ch Digital Oscilloscope/Logic Analyzer
Bird Wattmeter with a Bird 300w Attenuating load
Rigol DSA815-TG Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator
Boonton 4220 Power Meter
Boonton 92EA RF Millivoltmeter
Fluke 189 DVM
HP 8924C Mobile Station Test Set
HP 8657B .1 to 2060MHz Signal Generator
HP 5334B Frequency Counter
HP Z3801A GPS Disciplined 10 MHz clock
HP 204C Audio Oscillator
HP 400FL AC Voltmeter
Metcal Surface Mount Rework Station.
Philips PM6303 RCL Meter
Tektronix 475 Oscilloscope

Not shown is a Pentium Class Computer with a Homemade Icom memory programmer.
We use it to reprogram the Icom EX-314 Ram Unit and the ICM-1024 that we manufacture and sell.

My Experience;   RF, Switching and Analog Power Supplies, Audio, Digital and Micro Processors, Surface
                          Mount Technology, Vintage Tube Receivers and Transmitters, Short Wave Receivers
                          Industrial Electronics. Computer Upgrading and Repair
  At Rockwell I worked in engineering finding design flaws and making recommendations to the engineers.

                                            Amateur Extra and First Class Radio Telephone.

                                                                  Jack Albert WA9FVP
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E-mail me first.  Before you ship the radio, I will make an attempt to diagnose the problem.

Pack your radio in the original shipping carton
and a second outer carton packed with bubble pack
or "popcorn" packing.

(PLEASE! do not include microphones or power cables.)
If you don't have the original box, make sure that there is enough packing on
the front panel and double box the radio.
  If I receive a radio without the factory shipping container,
when I repack the radio, I normally roll up a length of bubble packing the width of the front panel,
about 6 to 8 inches thick, and tape it to the front panel.  If the box is dropped, It will provide extra
cushioning and protect the knobs and dials.   If the front feet are long, remove them.   If the shipping
container is dropped flat on it's bottom, It can damage the radio's bottom cover

Include a note explaining the problem and a phone number or e-mail address where you can be reached.
Ship it to the address below.   I will estimate the repairs and notify you either by land line or by e-mail.  

If you decide that you don't want your radio repaired, I will ship it back but I will charge you shipping
and a $65.00 estimate fee. 

I charge $32.50 every 1/2  hour plus parts and Shipping with a 1 hour minimum charge.

 Last year's avarage was 2.25 hours on a job and the total repairs were $160.00 plus Shipping and Handling


For your Icom  IC-R71, IC-745, IC-751/A, IC-271A/H, IC-471A/H or IC-1271A

We can repair the Icom factory installed "RAM Unit" by replacing the original battery with a high capacity
lithium cell.   We can also recover the 32 memories from your radio, and save it to a computer file (it can
only be done if the battery isn't completely discharged).   We will then reprogram your memory board using
the computer file or we can use our own computer file that extends the frequency range of you radio from
10 KHz to 31MHz (your memories will be lost).


For memory Repairs, remove the memory board from your radio and place it in an antistatic shipping
bag along with a note that includes the Icom model number and the type of file (i.e. saving your settings
or extended frequency).  Send it to the address below along with a personal check, money order or
cashier's check for $48.00 plus $10.00 Shipping & Handling($58.00 total).   The International price is $48.00
plus $15.00 Shipping & Handling.($63.00 total) S&H.  You can send an international Postal money order or
Cashier's cheque (U.S. dollars only).

You can use PayPal for memory repairs by first sending the memory board to the address below.

Contact us by e-mail and include the model number and the type of file (i.e. saving your settings
or extended frequency) when we receive your board we will reply to your e-mail.  You can then
use the links below to pay for the repair.  We will then return your repaired memory board.

For information about the ICM-1024 No Fail Memory for Icom Radios,
go back to our home page.  

In the U.S. or Canada use PayPal to pay for your Memory Repair online
(there's a $3.00 fee, the total amount will be $61.00)

International customers use PayPal to pay for your Memory Repair online
(there's a $3.00 fee, the total amount will be $66.00 International)


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You can contact us via E-mail at:


Shipping Address : 3408 Avondale Lane, New Lenox IL. 60451
 Tel: (815) 463-9365

  Call between 9am and 4:30pm CST


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